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Aave’s Founder Angel Spends to Grow DeFi’s Head Start on the Banks

  • Posted On - 2021-02-01 07:29:53

Stani Kulechov used to think angel investing would divert himself from starting up his own company, Aave, one of the biggest moneymarkets in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Listening on Aave proved to be well consumed: This time last year, Aave had a few million dollars excellence of crypto in it; since then it has grown to become the second-largest DeFi platform on Ethereum, with above $3 billion in crypto confined to its smart contracts.

Notwithstanding, over the last year, Kulechov also reinvested in something like 35 projects. Apparently, his position on angel financing has been changed.

Kulechov advocates consecrating part of his time to angel investing because he has come to view it as a protective move for his company. It’s like the internet: Once enough folk have commenced using and relying on a tech stack, it becomes very likely not possible to yank it back out of their hands.

“When the ecosystem is big enough, I believe it is very challenging at that point to fight upon the technology,” Kulechov said.

What best the banking system could hope to do is commit to make its individual transcription of DeFi, but, “that will not work when you have so many projects in the ecosystem and the ecosystem is improving all the time,” Kulechov maintained.


CoinDesk examines Kulechov’s title on press releases about fresh startups all the time. For illustration, we’ve announced his backing of Lido, Maple, Slingshot, Swivel and PoolTogether.

Aave itself suggested a fresh $25 million last October, forward of delivering its new version in December. 

But when asked to name a few investments that are being in his view, he suggested three specific ones he’s made in inadequate, new teams that haven’t gotten a ton of eyes on yet.

Pods Finance. A derivatives product that’s meant to work without oracles.

Kulechov announced he wanted Pods because it was a team of quite young people from Brazil who were progressing around for hackathons to build new versions of their products.


Kulechov fights he doesn’t have severe investing principles, but unmistakably, he likes to see people welcome DeFi values: transparency, open-source and the like.

One point he does like to emphasise, though, is the favours to make investments in the tokens produced by his own project, Aave. So rather than sending a team a pack of USDC, he’d rather send them aUSDC, because then they previously have some yield built-in.

Treasury management is clearly essential for any team, but: “If you take interest-bearing tokens it’s actually managed,” Kulechov said.