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Coinbase Has Above $90B in Assets on Platform

  • Posted On - 2021-01-27 08:48:09

Coinbase published supplementary numbers on Friday how much money has flowed onto the replacement in recent months.

Coinbase detected a mountainous increase in 2020 as bitcoin returned to close out the year.

New numbers were announced on the Coinbase “About” page on Friday determining that the exchange has more than $90 billion in assets and over 43 million designated users now. An Internet Archive snap from last week displays $25 billion in assets on the platform though it was unclear when that data was collected.

The updated amounts were accumulated as part of Coinbase’s 2020 year in the review and are in present as of  December 31, 2020.

“In this article, we take you on a deeply examined tour of the crypto asset class, distributing our unique perspective on how and why these institutions are engaging with the market,” Coinbase Institutional’s Brian Foster wrote in the report.

Coinbase’s asset surge is acceptable driven by the likes of MicroStrategy, Ruffer Investment and other institutions that have used the exchange’s prime brokerage assistance to make huge bitcoin buys recently.

Assets under the command of Coinbase Custody considered for “more than 50%” of the $90 billion results, the report states, adding that Coinbase administered “single trades exceeding $1 billion for some of the biggest institutions around the world.”

The news from Coinbase comes ahead of an assumed public listing. Investment bank Goldman Sachs is working with the firm while making its Wall Street debut.

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